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FAQ Listing

It is not possible to  delete stored results from meter end. Once 500 blood glucose results are in the memory, adding a new result causes the oldest one to be deleted.
Yes. Simply go into setup mode and turn the beeper off.
You can set up to 4 test reminders per day. At the set reminder time, the meter will beep every 2 minutes, up to 3 times per reminder. The meter will not beep if the meter is on at the reminder time, or if a test has been run within 30 minutes of the reminder time.
Yes. If the post-meal reminder marker is selected, the meter will beep 2 hours after the pre-meal test to remind you to perform a post-meal test. You can change the pre-meal test reminder to 1 hour after the pre-meal test. 
To mark a test result or set a post-meal reminder: Perform a test. The result appears on the display. Leave the test strip in the meter. Press and release left or right arrow button to toggle through test result markers and the post-meal reminder: Pre -meal marker Pre-meal marker with post-meal reminder Post-meal marker General marker 3. When the marker or reminder you wish to select appears on the display, remove the test strip from the meter.
There are three types of averages: General Pre-meal, and Post-meal To view results and averages, press and release left and right arrows to view stored results. The most recent test result appears on the display. Press the left arrow to view previous test results from newest to oldest. Press the right arrow to view 7-, 14-, 30- and 90-day general averages Continue to press the right arrow to view 7-, 14-, 30- and 90-day pre-meal and post-meal averages