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FAQ Listing

200 units
The lancet (referring to needle surrounded / covered by the sterility cap) of the Accu-Chek Safe-T-Pro Plus lancing device is sterilised in a process called gamma irradiation which meets the international standards.
The device should be disposed in accordance with you facility’s disposable procedures.
With children younger than 1 year of age, the capillary blood must be obtained from the heel. Obtaining blood must occur from the lateral areas of the sole. The puncture must occur vertically to the sole. While obtaining blood, the child should be held with its foot vertically facing the floor. A site which has already been punctured must not be punctured a second time. To improve blood flow at the heel before obtaining blood, you can carefully warm the heel, for example by wrapping it in a warm, moist cloth of a maximum 42 °C. The heel must be disinfected and then dried completely. To obtain capillary blood from the heel of children under 1 year, use only the low or medium penetration depth. If the high penetration depth is used, the calcaneus (heel bone) is at risk of being injured.
No. The lancing device is designed and engineered for one-time use.
No. The Accu-Chek Safe-T-Pro Plus lancing device is not designed and intended to be used on alternative sites.
Medium depth setting
Low depth (1.3mm): Suitable for soft, thin and delicate skin or use on average skin to obtain a smaller drop of blood Medium depth (1.8mm): Suitable for normal skin or if a medium blood volume is required. High depth (2.3mm): Suitable for calloused skin, to obtain a blood sample without pressing and squeezing, if a high blood sample is required or for multi-test situations.
Different depth settings are required to accommodate different patients’ skin types. You do not require different single-use lancing devices with different penetration depths. This will save you time, costs and the need to stock a variety of lancing devices.