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Resolution Ready!

New Year’s Day might be arriving in the next few days; why not make your resolution before the feasting - instead of after? Committing to a more physical lifestyle with better eating habits is not a sprint; it is a marathon! Getting into the groove of a healthy routine can carry you through the incoming festivities in the months to come.

In the first few days of establishing good habits, you may run into some obstacles. You might feel like taking a break one day, and before you know it, you are back on square one. On those “not too successful days” here are some ways to combat it.


A little goes a Long Way

Instead of dreading your date with exercise, motivate yourself by thinking about how great you would feel after - physically and emotionally. Picture yourself out in the fresh air, start walking, and before you know it, you are finished! Make small changes, take the stairs, and start walking more in malls. These small acts help to build long term habits.


Make it social. 

Tired of salads? They always taste better with friends (and when someone else is preparing them). Ask a friend to join you for a night out, reinforce your goals by sharing your progress. Do the same with exercising —enlist a buddy to go for walks, and the steps will fly by. 


Treat a bad day, right. 

If you eat when you’re stressed, head off the impulse by phoning a friend and talking about what’s troubling you. Try journaling, write down your thoughts, and recall your big-goals. Drag yourself out to exercise (there it is again, but it’s the best stress reliever we’ve got). If you can’t avoid eating, release that clenched jaw by munching some low carb snacks like nuts and crisp veggies like celery or carrot sticks!


Talk to your doctor. 

As your body changes, your need for food, insulin, and other medications may change, too. Continue checking your blood sugar regularly and work with your doctor to update your plan. Positive changes will happen when we start adapting to a healthy habit.


Don’t lose faith. 

If there’s a trouble spot you’re hoping to reduce—the place you most easily put on weight—it may be the last one to see results. Make sure you track your progress with photos and measurements; some changes are subtle. Eventually, your efforts will start to show everywhere after some consistency. Most importantly, your fitness levels are better than before!