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FAQ Listing

The meter's full-color display provides instructions for dealing with most challenges you might come across. You can also visit your meter's Screen Messages page for a list of messages and definitions or refer to Accu-Chek Aviva Expert user manual.
Be sure to clean the areas around slots and openings, while being careful not to get any moisture in them. You should also wipe down the entire meter surface, including the meter display. To clean your meter: DO Ensure meter is off Gently wipe the meter’s surface with a soft cloth slightly dampened with 70% isopropyl alcohol Squeeze out any excess liquid from the cloth before you wipe the meter surface DO NOT Get any moisture in the code key slot or test strip slot Spray any cleaning solution directly onto the meter Immerse the meter in water or liquid Pour liquid into the meter
No. All blood glucose results, diary information and settings are saved in the meter memory when the batteries are replaced.
The meter uses 3 standard AAA batteries, preferably alkaline. Rechargeable batteries can also be used.
Your batteries should last for approximately 2,000 checks. Rechargeable batteries can be used, but they may not last as long.
Your meter comes with the batteries already installed and a preset time and date. You may need to change the time to match your time zone to reflect the time change. You can also choose to have the time set in 12hr or 24hr format. To change the time: From the main menu, select Settings and press the enter key. Select Time/Date and press the enter key. Select the Time entry field and press the enter key. Set the Hour and press the enter key. Set the Minutes and press the enter key. If Time Format is 12 hr, select am or pm and press the enter key. To save the changes and return to the Settings Menu screen, select Save. Changing the date is a similar process. Simply select the Date entry field in step 3 and set the day, month and year.