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Christmas Desserts Without Guilt

Candy canes, gingerbread, chocolate cake, brown sugar beverages - Resisting these festive desserts does not come intuitively and almost everyone struggles with a sweet tooth. This season, let us aim for pleasure without guilt in these few easy steps. 


Plan a healthy meal. You are allowed to treat yourself, but that means you will need to balance out the rest of your diet for the day. Have a healthy snack in advance so you can avoid over-snacking during a social event.


Pick your battles. Moderation is key, decide when you will be indulging and plan your diet around that day itself. For example, if you’re having Christmas dinner with chocolate cake as dessert, adjust your meal accordingly like having more leafy vegetables instead of the usual serving of rice for lunch on the same day. Remember desserts are often high in both carbohydrates and sugars.


Substitute! Choose to add fruits in your recipe or have it as a dessert itself. Although fruits are high in carbohydrates, it is full of vitamins, minerals and fiber that makes a more nutritious diet. If you are baking with sugar, substitute it with a sweetener. 


Some sugar does not mean no sugar. Portion control is essential when it comes to constant home-made festive snacking. So follow the restaurant practice by serving your goodies in small dishes with small spoons.


Be realistic. Understand your personal limits and be wary of “unconscious” snacking; this can add to your overall carb count. For example, you may have started munching on some snacks while chatting with other guests during Christmas visits. Limit your servings by sharing your dessert with someone. Oh, skip the whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles that add a huge chunk to your calorie intake. 


If you have followed these tips, then you will be able to satiate your sweet tooth and maintain control of your blood sugar. Have a Merry Christmas!


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