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Diabetics Stay healthy during COVID-19

Learn more about the safety measures against COVID-19 for people living with diabetes.  

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Resolution Ready!

New Year’s Day might be arriving in the next few days; why not make your resolution before the feasting - instead of after? Committing to a more physical lifestyle with better eating habits is not a sprint; it is a marathon! Getting into the groove of a healthy routine can carry you through the incoming festivities in the months to come. In the first few days of establishing good habits, you may run into some obstacles. You might feel like taking a break one day, and before you know it, you are back on square one. On those “not too successful days” here are some...

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While the holidays are all about family and festivities, a whole lot of food shows up at holiday gatherings. The parties and travel can disrupt your normal routine — and the celebrations can last for weeks. How can you stick to your meal plan and keep your blood sugar in range while still enjoying the holidays? It’s not always easy. But with a little planning, it’s possible! 1. Start with a Plan...

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Christmas Desserts Without Guilt

Candy canes, gingerbread, chocolate cake, brown sugar beverages - Resisting these festive desserts does not come intuitively and almost everyone struggles with a sweet tooth. This season, let us aim for pleasure without guilt in these few easy steps.    Plan a healthy meal. You are allowed to treat yourself, but that means you will need to balance out the rest of your diet for the day. Have a healthy snack in advance so you can avoid over-snacking during a...

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HEALTHY NEW YEAR! 5 steps to getting back into your routine

Which healthy habits went out your window over the holidays? Portion control? Getting sufficient quality sleep? Getting your steps? Eat the recommended serving of vegetables? It's easy to wake up in January and realize that your routine isn't quite a routine anymore. So how can you get back on track? 1. Give up the guilt. You may have eaten too much, took your measures too...

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The holidays are supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year. But they can also be packed with stress — especially if you have diabetes. Travel, changing routines and lack of sleep all make it tough to cope. Stress affects your blood sugar, making it harder to keep your numbers in check during the holidays. The good news: you can find ways to manage holiday stress. Here are a few guidelines to help you enjoy the season....

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